Major Upgrade

Upgrades to a new Axon Ivy Engine version are warmly recommended to benefit of new features that will increase your productivity and ability to react on new business needs. You can have a look on the latest features here:

This chapter focuses on migrations from a major version to another (e.g. from 8.0 to 10.0). If you are only interested in applying hotfix upgrades (e.g. from 8.0.6 to 8.0.13), please consult the simpler Hotfix Upgrade chapter.

Switching from a Long-Term-Supported (LTS) release train (e.g. 8.0) to a LE (Leading Edge) release (e.g. 9.1) follows the same logic as described in this chapter. Nevertheless, be aware that we do not recommend switching light-heartedly from an LTS to a LE version as the possibility to face breaking changes are more likely and the effort to migrate between the LE versions is higher. See our release-cycle ( for more information on our release concept.


The Axon Ivy Engine can run and execute workflow applications that have been built towards an older engine version. Even so, we do recommend to simulate migrations to new versions in a testing environment since there is a chance that your project relies upon a no longer supported infrastructure, such as old Primefaces versions, Java libraries or internal Java classes from the Axon Ivy Engine. By sticking only to PublicAPI and best practices however, you have a minimal risk to face these versions incompatibilities.

To start with, we warmly recommend to Read the Migration Notes document for the versions you are migrating to. It documents are possible braking changes that may affect you, so that manual changes in your project are necessary.

The way to migrate to the latest hotfix highly depends on the hosting environment, so please jump right to the execution environment you are using: