What is Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy is a Process Automation Platform that simplifies and automates the interaction of humans with their digital systems. The platform is typically in charge of the most precious business cases where companies produce value. Here is how we do it:


Our platform allows you to document business processes fast and intuitive. A shared view on users, roles, departments and technical systems that are involved in a business process improves your work. HR recruitment profiles become clearer, bottle necks become obvious, ideas for effective improvements arise by anyone who is involved in the process.


Documented processes are good. But what you really want is to drive your highly valuable processes automatically. Often the daily work of employees is interrupted by searching and filtering data from various tools and by feeding this data into other technical systems. Even tough value is produced in a well-known business case, there is a lack of a clear interface which guides the involved users through the process. Highly valuable data is often divided and stored in various dedicated technical systems. With Axon Ivy you can drive your process automatically. People, data and technical systems can easily be orchestrated by our platform. An initial application that leads users through the process can be generated without the need to hire a software engineer. People can contribute to the process by using their favorite device such as a smartphone or workstation.


The digitalization of your company can evolve over time, we favor small predictable improvements over big bang solutions. The Axon Ivy Platform allows you to start simple and fast with your existing environment. You may start with just task notifications that are sent to users that should contribute to a running process. And eventually the platform becomes your single interface for all your business interactions. You will be able to measure KPIs based on the highly valuable data that is produced during the execution of your business processes. Based on these insights, you can advance your business constantly and effectively. The cost of business transformations become reasonable and predictable.

The Axon Ivy Platform consists on the one hand of the Axon Ivy Designer which enables the drawing, simulation and implementation of automated business processes. The other part is the application server Axon Ivy Engine that executes your business cases and provides a shared interface for process users.