The Axon Ivy Market provides powerful add-ons for the Axon Ivy platform. These include complete workflow user interfaces, components for generating documents, connectors for connecting third-party systems and much more. Have a look!

Install From the Market

Most of the extensions in the Axon Ivy Market can be installed in Axon Ivy Designer. Therefore you need to open the Market in Axon Ivy Designer (Axon Ivy ‣ Axon Ivy Market).


It will open the Axon Ivy Market in a view. Select your desired extension and click on the Install button in the header. Follow the installation wizard to empower your project.


Install From Another Source

You are able to install extensions from third party sources. Therefore you can use the shortcut CTRL + ALT + I and provide the definition file as url.

Craft Your Own Installable Product

You are able to craft your own installable product. Read more about this here: Contributing to the Axon Ivy Market