Multiple Security Systems

You can run multiple tenants on the same Axon Ivy Engine by creating a security system per tenant. This makes sense for smaller applications. Then, you can create a security system per customer and deploy the application(s) per customer. A security system is isolated from other security systems. This also applies to the workflow context. A process or task lives in a workflow context, which you can equate with the security context. A user cannot view data from another security context.

However, scaling up and down can be difficult with this approach.

The disadvantage of this solution is that programming errors can lead to unwanted access to data of other tenants.

This cannot happen with the multi-engine solution.

digraph engine { layout=neato; node [shape=box, height="0.8", width="2", color="#007095", style=filled, fixedsize="true", margin=0, fontname="Roboto,Helvetica Neue,Arial,sans-serif", fontcolor="white", fontsize=15 ]; /* nodes */ engine [ label="Axon Ivy Engine", pos="0,0!" width=6 height=4.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black" labelloc="t"]; tenant1 [ label="Tenant 1", pos="-1.9,-0.1!" width=1.85 height=4.0 style="dashed" fontcolor="black" labelloc="b"]; users1 [ label="Users", pos="-1.9,1.4!" width=1.7 height=0.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black"]; roles1 [ label="Roles", pos="-1.9,0.7!" width=1.7 height=0.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black"]; processes1 [ label="Processes", pos="-1.9,0.0!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; tasklist1 [ label="Task list", pos="-1.9,-0.7!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; applications1 [ label="Applications", pos="-1.9,-1.4!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; tenant2 [ label="Tenant 2", pos="0,-0.1!" width=1.85 height=4.0 style="dashed" fontcolor="black" labelloc="b"]; users2 [ label="Users", pos="0.0,1.4!" width=1.7 height=0.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black"]; roles2 [ label="Roles", pos="0.0,0.7!" width=1.7 height=0.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black"]; processes2 [ label="Processes", pos="0.0,0.0!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; tasklist2 [ label="Task list", pos="0.0,-0.7!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; applications2 [ label="Applications", pos="0.0,-1.4!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; tenantN [ label="Tenant N", pos="1.9,-0.1!" width=1.85 height=4.0 style="dashed" fontcolor="black" labelloc="b"]; usersN [ label="Users", pos="1.9,1.4!" width=1.7 height=0.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black"]; rolesN [ label="Roles", pos="1.9,0.7!" width=1.7 height=0.5 style="dashed" fontcolor="black"]; processesN [ label="Processes", pos="1.9,0.0!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; tasklistN [ label="Task list", pos="1.9,-0.7!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; applicationsN [ label="Applications", pos="1.9,-1.4!" width=1.7 height=0.5 ]; }