A perspective defines a set and layout of views and editors in the workbench window. The current perspective is displayed on the title bar of the window and it is highlighted at the upper right corner in the shortcut bar. You can open and switch to a specific perspective using the Window menu or the buttons in the shortcut bar in the upper right corner.

You can change the perspectives as you like. Editors and views can be rearranged in a perspective by just moving them around. It’s also possible to close views or display additional ones (via Window > Show View). Furthermore there is a functionality to reset a perspective to its default settings (via Window > Reset Perspective).

Switch between Perspectives

Switch between Perspectives

Perspectives Provided by Axon Ivy

Axon Ivy provides following perspectives:

Other Perspectives

There are further perspectives provided by the Eclipse platform that you may use for specific development tasks:

  • Resources: Explore and manipulate resources of the project at file system level.

  • Team Synchronization: Browse through the changes between your local working copy and the base revision on the Subversion server.

  • Java: Edit Java source files.