Currently Portal system contains 6 modules

Portal kit

Contains set of UI components. This module contains set of JSF Ivy Component to provide user the usages to work with Ivy Process Data such as: task, case, absence... , styles CSS and JavaScript file for component and Modena theme library. This is the most important module that user needs to use Portal. This module also contains AdminSettings component that is used to configure Portal.

Portal style

Contains definition of styles that can be overridden/customized later. As now Portal supports user to customize various colors of the layout such as: background color, text color, border color, button color, focus/hover color. In the current version you have to change each color one by one. There are no common color definitions.


This module is prepared for process developers to override and keep customer styles by editing CSS file, CMS's style.

Portal template

Provides default portal's templates and pages. This module contains templates page for Portal's user to use as composition, then they will have supporting features such as : top menu, application menu, user menu. It also contains some start process links to default page such as : Portal home, Portal task list, Portal case list... . Portal's user is advised to depend on this module to use Portal easily.

Self service BPM

This project extends PortalTemplate and is a utility which implements concept of Adaptive Case Management. The idea is that user can start any cases and add simultaneously new roles and tasks while doing his process work.

Axon Ivy Express

The idea is that user can create his own process and can manage it easily, it gives user more flexibility when working with Portal.

This project is an extended project from PortalTemplate. It provides:

  • Ability to create his/her own workflow

  • Tools to create and modify the web form for his workflow

Portal connector

Communication channel to communicate between portal Axon Ivy engine (e.g.: for synchronizing data, read ivy process data like task, case, absence, substitute,...). This module acts like service layer that contains web service's implementation for PortalKit to call and get data, only PortalKit knows about these web services.


By default, this module is integrated to System application of Axon Ivy engine. To be able to run Portal in designer, you need to import this module.