Web Services

SOAP based web services are often used to integrate various systems together. The tooling of Axon.ivy makes the integration of remote web services very easy and intuitive. There is no need to care much about the technical details behind the scenes.

Call a remote Web Service

To call a remote web service it has to be registered in the Web Service Clients. Just add a new web service entry, enter the WSDL URI and generate a client that can be used later on in your process.

After that a Web Service Call Activity can be used to call the remote web service. Sending data from your business process to the remote service and the integration of returned data from the service is easy. It works like other well known data mapping tables.

Provide a Web Service for third parties

If you need to expose an interface to your application for third parties, you can provide it as SOAP web service.

To define a new web service interface, add a new process of kind Webservice to your project. Define the supported parameters by configuring the Web Service Process Start event. Now you can implement the business logic of the web service just as simple as any other process flow.

Once the service is implemented. Start the process engine and hit the link to the WSDL service definition. Share this WSDL with the third party that is interested in your service.

Getting started

Have a look at our video tutorials to see web service integrations in action.

If you are looking for web service integration examples with Axon.ivy, have a look at the ConnectivityDemos sample project in the Designer.