Global Variables

Global Variables acts as global constants which can be used in your application. Global Variables are simple key/value pairs which can be specified by the developer. Some examples for global variables are:

  • Company data (name, address, contacts)

  • Simple Rule Values (e.g. credit account)

  • Path values for saving files

  • Path values for 3rd party systems and some other variables


The global variable editor is part of the Configuration Management. See Configuration Editor for more information. A global variable can be added by using the add configuration function. The name of the global variable is the name of the configuration.

Global Variable Configuration

Global Variable Configuration

  • Default value Provide a default value of the global variable. This can be a Number or a String. This value will be used if you access the global variable in the application.

  • Description Provide a description of the global variable.

  • Environment settings In this section the default value of the global variable can be overridden/new assigned for the specific Environments.

Access global variables in IvyScript

In order the access the Global Variables in your code a new environment variable var was introduced in IvyScript which provides a comfortable access to your defined variables. This approach has the advantage that, if global variables are removed developers will immediately informed in which process element the variable was used.

Global Variable Script Editor

Global Variable Script Editor