This chapter introduces the Persistence Configuration Editor and the Persistence API of Axon.ivy. The persistence framework is based on the Java Persistence API, aka JPA) and provides support for storing and loading business objects from and to a database in an easy way.

In order to use automated persistence in your business or User Dialog processes you need to define some Entity Classes first. An entity class is similar to a data class (i.e. a business object) but holds additional information that is necessary to map the class to a database table and its attributes to database columns.

Once you have created entity classes, you need to define at least one persistence unit configuration. A persistence unit is responsible for managing all or a subset of your entity classes and defines the database where those entities are stored. Once you have configured one or more persistence units you can use them in your process steps with the Persistence API to load/update entity objects directly from the database or save/update them to the database.