Call Sub

image0 The Call Sub element is located in the Activity drawer of the process editor palette.

Element Details

The Call Sub element allows to embed a process (independent subprocess) into an other. This is like jumping from the main process into the called sub process, execute the sub process and afterwards jump back. Process data attributes from the main process are mapped to parameters for the called sub process and the called sub process will return result parameters back to the main process.


The input and result parameters of the called process are defined on the start element of the called process.


Name Tab

The Name Tab is included in the mask of all process elements and contains the name and a description of the element.

Process Call Tab


In this tab you choose the process to be called and map process data attributes to the input parameters of the called process. You can use any IvyScript expression in the parameter mapping.

Output Tab

On Output Tab you can configure the output of the element (i.e. the data that leaves the element).

The variable result contains the output parameters that are returned by the called sub process (according to its interface definition).

E.g. if the called process returns a String errorMessage and an Employee object employee then the variable result will have two fields: errorMessage and employee, respectively. You can map those fields to the attributes of the outgoing process data:

out.msg = result.errorMessage is initialized
    ? ("An error occurred during selection: "
        + result.errorMessage)
    : "";
out.selectedEmployee = result.employee;