E-Mail Step

image0 The E-Mail Step element is located in the Activity drawer of the process editor palette.

Element Details

This element allows to send e-mails out of processes (e.g. for information or alert purposes). The general configuration must be set in the Email Settings for the Axon.ivy Designer and in the ivy.yaml for the Axon.ivy Engine.

With the default E-Mail preferences mails will be sent to a Developer SMTP that quickly shows you the mailboxes in the ‘Mail Messages’ view of the Designer.


In the designer the sender (from) and the recipient (to) are always taken from the Email Settings, so you can easily test whether the mails are sent correctly by using your own e-mail address (or a dedicated test address)


Name Tab

The Name Tab is included in the mask of all process elements and contains the name and a description of the element.

Tab Header

In this tab the e-mail header is defined. You can use the Content Management System and the process data (the in variable) to compose the header fields.

Header Tab

Header Tab


The title of the e-mail to send.


The sender of the e-mail (always use a valid e-mail address).

Reply to

The e-mail address which is used by most e-mail clients when the reader clicks on “Reply” or “Reply all”. Always use a valid e-mail address.


The recipient(s) of the e-mail. Multiple recipients can be separated by a comma or semi-colon.


The recipient(s) in carbon copy of the e-mail. Multiple recipients can be separated by a comma or semi-colon.


The recipient(s) in blind carbon copy of the e-mail. Multiple recipients can be separated by a comma or semi-colon.


Is thrown whenever an error occurs during the execution of this element. The error can be handled by a catching Error Start or by an Error Boundary Event.

Tab Content

In this tab the e-mail content is defined.

Content Tab

Content Tab


The text of the e-mail. Use the Content Management System to have messages in multiple languages.


Start your message with an <HTML> tag to let you define your whole message in HTML format. (of course at the end of message an </HTML> is expected)

Tab Attachments

In this tab you can attach files to your e-mail. Each attachment line below on the screenshot represents one file. You can choose a file directly, take a process attribute with the type File, select a CMS entry or even build up the filename using script(s). The provided reference will be searched as CMS entry first, if no CMS entries found then the system will search the name as file in your Axon.ivy file area.


CMS entry names do not have an extension (meanwhile filenames used to have one) so that the lookup order should cause no file overlapping.

Attachment Tab

Attachment Tab


Right click on a file input line to access further commands.