User Task

image0 The User Task element is located in the Activity drawer of the process editor palette.

Element Details

The User Task element calls a User Dialog in a new Task. Thus, it combines the behavior of a Task Switch Event and a User Dialog. You can either call a normal Html Dialog or an Offline Dialog - they both are based on JSF technology and can run in a Web Browser as well as on a mobile client.


Name Tab

The Name Tab is included in the mask of all process elements and contains the name and a description of the element.

Call Tab

The Call tab defines what User Dialog component should be called and how it should be started. The input parameters for the selected start method can be mapped here.

Call tab

Call tab


Defines the User Dialog to be started by its ID. The referenced User Dialog can either be a normal JSF based dialog component (Html Dialog) or a JSF based dialog that is designed for offline usage (Offline Dialog).

image2 Selects an existing User Dialog

image3 Creates a new User Dialog and uses it

image4 Uses a dynamically defined ID from a data class attribute


The behavior of the task will be noticeable different either if you select an Html Dialog or an Offline Dialog. By selecting an Offline Dialog, an Offline Tasks - designed for processing without continuous connection to the workflow server - will be generated.


Defines the start method that should be called on the selected User Dialog.

Start Parameters Definition

Define the input parameters for the called User Dialog.

If the selected start method requires any parameters, those may be mapped here to an param object, which offers a field for each declared start method parameter. You can define each parameter individually from the calling process’s data.


Alternatively you can define the call parameters in the scripting field below the attribute table, e.g. if you need to perform some calculation in order to define a call parameter. You can also mix the two forms, in which case the table’s definitions will be executed before the scripting block.


The result values of the started User Dialog (if any) are mapped back onto the calling process’s data on the Output tab. They are available as fields on a result variable.

Task Tab

On the Task Tab you can configure the Task.

Case Tab

On the Case Tab you can configure the Case.

Output Tab

On Output Tab you can configure the output of the element (i.e. the data that leaves the element).


Additionally to the regular variables of the Output Tab you have the following variable available:


If the selected start method defines return parameters they will be available as fields of the result variable.

The variable is not available if the start method does not return any values (i.e. void).