Process Template View

The process template view displays the currently defined process templates. A process template is essentially a selection of process elements which are stored under a specific name. Once defined, process templates can be inserted into any existing process, either by drag and drop or by selection from a dialog. New process templates can be added to the template store by pressing ‘t’ on a selection of elements in the Selection Menu.



Window > Show View > Axon.ivy > Process Template View


The process template view has the following features:


A preview for each selected template will be shown on the right-hand side of the process template view, showing its structure in detail.


Templates can be dragged and dropped on the process editor. Press and hold the mouse down over a template name and drag it over to the process editor to insert the template.

Context menu

Selected templates can be renamed and deleted using the context menu or by pressing ‘R’ or ‘DEL’ keys, respectively.

Export / Import

Process templates are stored per workspace. To export a set of process templates from a workspace use File > Export… > General > Preferences > Process Templates. To import a set of template into a workspace use File > Import… > General > Preferences.