Processes can be visually structured by using pools and lanes. Pools and lanes are colored background swimlanes with a label that is placed behind the process logic. Swimlanes can have a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Swimlanes are available for all process kinds and are typically used to visualize organisations, roles, responsibility assignments or systems for process elements or sections of process logic.

A pool or lane can be widened or narrowed by dragging it’s border/edge with the mouse. By default, the position of process elements lying outside the modified lane are adjusted accordingly. By pressing the Shift-Key during the drag, you can omit the automatic adjustment of process elements.


Please note, that pools and lanes do not have any syntactical meaning whatsoever; their purpose is purely semantical. A pool or lane is not a container that elements are placed in or associated with. They are simply a structured “coloring” of the process’ background; they do not grow or shrink when you change the processes logic and need to be adjusted manually.