Html Dialog Preferences

In the Axon.ivy Designer preferences you can configure the templates used for the creation of Html Dialogs and Offline Dialogs.


There are different templates for Html Dialogs and Offline Dialogs. Whereas Html Dialog templates are targeted to make use of the full JSF stack, Offline Dialog templates are designed to work without enduring connection to the Engine and are optimized for use on rather small mobile devices with touch input.


Axon.ivy Designer Menu -> Windows -> Preferences -> Web -> HTML Files -> Editor -> Templates

Html Dialog View Type Templates

View Type Page and View Type Component are the predefined view types for Html Dialogs. Furthermore every template with a name that starts with ‘View Type’ is considered as an Html Dialog View Type and therefore listed in the New User Dialog Wizard.

Offline Dialogs have only one predefined view type called Offline View Type Page. Custom templates for Offline Dialogs have to start with ‘Offline View Type’


When the template for a View Type contains <ui:composition template="${layout}">, it will be a template for an Html Page. Otherwise it will be a template for an Html Component.

Form Field Templates

Every template with a name pattern ‘form field [Type]’ (for Html Dialogs) respectively ‘offline form field [Type]’ (for Offline Dialogs) is considered as a form field template of the specified type. The form field templates are used during the creation of a Html Dialog by the New User Dialog Wizard.


Each template can be inserted into an Html Dialog view via the auto complete function (CTRL+Space).