User Dialog Interface Editor

The User Dialog Interface editor is used to define the API (Application Programming Interface) of a User Dialog. Since User Dialogs are components which are intended for reuse, they must define a stable interface on which other clients (i.e. processes or User Dialogs) can rely upon. An interface is defined independently from the implementation of the User Dialog and therefore separates the way of how a User Dialog performs its work from the declaration of what it is capable to do.


Axon.ivy Project Tree -> double click on the Interface node below a User Dialog in the tree.

Interface tab

The User Dialog Interface editor consists of the sections for the declaration of Start Methods and Methods. Each section can have multiple entries.


It is strongly recommended to write a short description for each declared interface part in the Description area of the details pane. This will help clients of the User Dialog to understand the characteristics of the respective part.

Start Methods

Start methods define different entry points into a User Dialog. A User Dialog can be started with different parameters and return different values, depending on which entry point is chosen at call time.


To add/edit a Start method you must add/edit a ‘Init start’ on the according process. You must provide a name as well as input and output parameters.


If the name/parameter combination (the so called signature) of the Start method as defined so far is identical to the signature of another Start method, then a validation error will be displayed. The warning disappears when either arguments are added or argument types are changed or if the name of the method is altered accordingly, i.e. the signatures are no more identical.


Start methods visible in the User Dialog Interface can be selected inside a User Dialog when the respective User Dialog is chosen to be started.



In the Methods section of the User Dialog Interface Editor the regular interaction methods of a User Dialog are visualized. The declaration of Methods is absolutely similar to the declaration of Start methods, with the sole difference that a Method can only have a single return parameter (or none). The Methods can only be called from the User Dialog Method Start.

Metadata tab

You can define a textual description, a set of tags (keywords) for each User Dialog. These can be searched by the Ivy search page.


A description of the User Dialog


The tags are a space separated list of keywords used to categorize User Dialogs. We suggest to define a vocabulary of tags within your team/company to always use the same terms.