HTML content in the Web Content Folder

Although it is recommended that you store all (or most of) your content in the project’s Content Management System, as an alternative you can place web resources into a folder within the root folder of your project with the name webContent.

These web content files can be referred from CMS pages either by addressing them relatively (to the web content directory) or by using the method ivy.html.wr(fileNameRelative). Of course, you can also reference directly from one web content file to another (e.g. a web content HTML file that displays a web content image with a img tag.). It is even possible to mix references between CMS and web content files (e.g. a JSP in the web content includes a JSP in the CMS which imports a JavaScript file in the web content and so on).


Web content files can always be referenced relative to the web content folder. But in contrast to content objects in the CMS, resources in the web content folder are only visible in the same project. If the resource is not found then there is no lookup in the required projects.


To gain access to Axon.ivy functionality please insert the following code to your hand-made JSP page in the web content folder:

<%@ page import=""%>
<jsp:useBean id="ivy" class="" scope="session"/>