Migration 7.1 to 7.2

Remove of Rich Dialog (ULC) Technology

Rich Dialog (ULC) technology will be removed. Axon.ivy 7.0 LTS is the latest version where Rich Dialogs (ULC) are fully supported. You must convert Rich Dialogs (ULC) to HTML Dialogs (JSF) in all your projects or stick on version 7.0 LTS.


  • With 7.1 we dropped the support for Rich Dialog Visual Editor. You can still open and edit Rich Dialog Panels with the Java class editor.
  • With 7.2 you can not built projects with Rich Dialogs (ULC) in the Designer. However, projects that use Rich Dialogs (and built with 7.1 or earlier) still works on the Engine.
  • For 7.3 we plan to remove the Rich Dialogs (ULC) technology completely.

Removed Libraries from Project Classpath

The following libraries are no longer part of the project classpath. If you require them in your project you need to add them to your project manually:

Test scoped maven dependencies not on compile Classpath

Maven natured projects that contain test code could throw new compilation errors. This happens if the pom.xml contains dependencies marked with <scope>test</scope> such as JUnit4. You see these JARs now with a dark-grey background within the Maven Dependencies classpath container. To fix the issue the source directory of the test classes must be marked as test directory.


You can achieve that as follows:

  1. switch to the Java perspective
  2. open the context menu of the source directory that contains test (e.g. src_test)
  3. select 'Build Path' > 'Configure Build Path...' in the context menu
  4. expand the test source directory within Java Build Path dialog
  5. select 'Contains tests sources: ...'
  6. hit the 'Toggle' button to change the value to 'yes'


The change value will be reflected within the .classpath of your project.

Deprecated AccessFlags

We have deprecated all public APIs around the database access flags ch.ivyteam.ivy.application.ExternalDatabaseConfigurationAccessFlag. These have not been used since version 3.9.

Application name is case insensitive

If you have several applications with the same name (case sensitive) installed, these duplicated applications must be removed before an update. Example: Applications MyAPP and MyApp are installed. Remove one of the two applications.

Axon.ivy Engine Demo Mode Defaults

Default Log Filename

The name of the default log file has changed from logs/ch.ivyteam.ivy.log to logs/ivy.log

Removed serverconfig.xml

We removed the serverconfig.xml file in the configuration folder. The system database settings are now stored in the ivy.yaml file.


If you have a serverconfig.xml you should copy it into the new engine along with your other configuration files. The settings in the serverconfig.xml file are automatically converted during the next boot of the engine.

Changed stored file paths for files attached to cases and workflows

We have changed how the paths of files attached to workflows or cases are stored in the database. In earlier versions, the file paths were stored as an absolute path, now the stored paths are relative to the application file folder.


This change requires us to convert the file paths in the database (table IWA_UploadedFile) during an upgrade. It is possible that not all file paths can be converted automatically. If any conversion fails, the process will log a warning, listing all files that could not be converted (Could NOT convert all file paths. The following files could NOT be converted:). All logged file paths need to be changed manually in the database, and the actual files need to be manually moved into the application file folder.