New and Noteworthy 8.0

Engine Cockpit

Our new Engine Cockpit has now become a mighty successor of the AdminUI with a rich feature set. It's completely based on web technologies and simply open in your favorite browser or even on mobile devices.

More features

Engine Guide

Setup Wizard

With the new theme and the introduction of the Engine Cockpit, the Engine Config UI doesn't really fit in our product toolset any longer. Because of that, we decided to reengeneer this initial setup as a new Setup Wizard.

Engine Guide


We re-styled the Portal application completely and implemented a lot of new features.

Portal New & Noteworthy

Run in Container


Running the Axon.ivy Engine in an isolated container has become a lot easier.

This means that the barriers between Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and all other container orchestration platforms have been broken down!

Getting started with Docker Axon.ivy Engine Docker Image Docker Examples

Debian Engine Installer

The Axon.ivy Engine is now available as a Debian package. Now Engine operators can benefit from the rich tooling on the preferred platform of most cloud providers.


Debian : Getting Started Download Debian package

Highly Configurable

Successfully deploying your application in your customers environment is now easier than ever. The days of manual installations and the related chatty documentation are over!


Engine Guide Configuration Configuration File Reference

Instant Deployment

We believe that highly automated deployments are important. Customers should be able to use the latest features instantly. While developers and operations need a high confidence about the proper execution of their runtime artifacts.

That's why we extended our deployment interface:

Engine Guide Maven Plugin GitHub Examples

Modern Platform

We updated the platform of the Designer in order to bring even more fun and productivity into your daily work. Stay ahead!

Eclipse 2019-09 Marketplace

Native MAC & GTK3 Development

Run the Axon.ivy Designer with the operating system you know and love most.

MAC Designer

Customizable Designer

We made the latest Axon.ivy Designer much more flexible, so that it serves best for your development needs.

Installation Details

Custom Fields

Customizing a task and case list based on process data is easier than ever before. Put data in the custom field store of the task or case and it becomes automatically searchable. In addition, it can also be helpful for workflow process reporting.


Legacy Support: Forget the additional properties, the limited old custom fields, the strange business fields and the legacy categorization. You don't need them anymore. But we are fully backward compatible. All legacy API calls will be mapped to custom fields. All inscribed inscriptions in your project will automatically be converted.

Public API Custom Field Public API Query

New Web Service Client Tooling

The tooling to call remote Web Services has been completely re-worked and is more powerful than ever.


Designer Guide Tutorial Video

Java 11 LTS

Axon.ivy now runs with Java 11. Which is the most recent LTS runtime for Java.

Adopt Open JDK

Java 11 Migration Notes


Bug Fixes