The Axon.ivy engine sends emails for different purposes:

  • Emails that are sent within a process via the mail step.

  • New task assignment and daily task summaries to users.

  • License expiration reminders to the administrators.

For this you have to configure an email server in ivy.yaml:

 1# sample ivy.yaml that configures an email server:
 3  Server:
 4    Host:
 5    Port: 25
 6    MailAddress:
 7    User: someuser
 8    Password: somepassword
10  DailyTaskSummary:
11    # Time of day when the task summary mails will be sent.
12    TriggerTime: "02:00"

You can configure task email notification settings for new task assignments and daily task summaries at application level in app.yaml:

1# app.yaml located in e.g. <configuration>/app-myApp.yaml
3  DailySummaryOn: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday
4  OnNewTasks: true
5  Language: de

Users are able to customize their notification settings in a workflow ui like the Portal. The content of the task email notifications can be customized by providing Standard Processes or for branding and styling by changing the *.xhtml files in the directory webapps/ivy/email.