The Axon.ivy Engine is configured by files. They are located in the /configuration directory of the engine. The ivy.yaml file contains the most important entries that define the environment and runtime behaviour of the Axon.ivy Engine.

 1# sample ivy.yaml with some often used entries defined
 3  Url: jdbc:mariadb://myDbHost:3306/AxonIvySystemDatabase
 4  UserName: root
 5  Password: 1234
 7  admin:
 8    Password: "${hash:1234}"
 9    Email: info@localhost
10  devop:
11    Password: "${hash:4321}"
12    Email:
14  Server:
15    Host:
16    Port: 25
18  HostName:
19  Port: 80

Craft you own configuration

To craft your own configuration you would typically copy values from our reference files, located under [engineDir]/configuration/reference or see te File Reference and adjust them according to your needs. Alternative, you can also copy and modify whole templates, which are provided under [enginDir]/configuration/templates. Of course, most settings can also be adjusted in our Engine Cockpit.

Configure your engine