System Database

An untouched Axon.ivy Engine runs in Demo Mode. In consequence workflow data is never stored, but kept in a memory database. To run a productive engine an external system database must be connected, where workflow data will be stored.

To define the database of the Axon.ivy Engine, the SystemDb entries must be set.

1# sample ivy.yaml that configures a MySQL database as data store
3  Url: jdbc:mysql://myOtherMysql:3306/AxonIvySystemDatabase
4  UserName: theUser
5  Password: myPassword

To run the Axon.ivy Engine with a System Database a license is required. See Installing a Licence.

The schema of the Axon.ivy System Database must exist on the referenced database system. The Setup Wizard and EngineConfigCli simplify the creation of the SystemDb connection.