Install Axon.ivy Engine

To install the Axon.ivy Engine extract the correct zip file for your platform to the directory where you want to install the Axon.ivy Engine. For Debian based operating systems there is a convenient installer package available. The following platforms are supported:



Operation System

Installation File



Debian (Ubuntu/Mint)







Linux and Windows*



Linux and Windows*

* The All and Slim_All engines are delivered with launchers for Linux and Windows, but without a JRE. To use the slim Axon.ivy Engine set up the IVY_JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to a supported x64 JRE, or the JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to a supported x64 JDK. The slim Axon.ivy Engine comes without demo projects.


Note, that the installation procedure implies sufficient administration and access rights on the system. For example, the access to drive C: on a Windows Server 2008 system is very restrictive that you might install the programs on drive D: instead.

Start the Axon.ivy Engine

You can start the Axon.ivy Engine by navigation to the bin folder and executing the AxonIvyEngine binary on Linux:

cd bin

and the AxonIvyEngineC.exe on Windows:

cd bin

Alternative, you can use the Control Center to start the Axon.ivy Engine. By default the Axon.ivy Engine starts in Demo Mode.

Installing a Licence

You have to install a licence in order to run Axon.ivy Engine in Production Mode. To order a licence file you need to know the public URLs that end users will use to access your Axon.ivy Engine.


Let’s assume your Axon.ivy Engine is installed on a machine with the DNS name axonivyprod and listens on port 8080. Users access the Axon.ivy Engine in two different ways:

  • Intranet users use http://axonivyprod:8080/ivy/* to access it.

  • Internet users use* to access it through a reverse proxy.

In this case the licence must contain two public URLs: axonivyprod and

If the users do not access over the standard http or https ports (80, 443, 8080, 8443) and the default context path /ivy then the public URLs must also contain the port and/or context path (e.g., axonivyprod:9090,

To install a licence file use the Engine Cockpit or follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the licence file *.lic to the directory [engineDir]/configuration.

  2. Remove all other licence files in the [engineDir]/configuration directory.


For container based installations it is also possible to make the license file available via environment variables or docker-secrets.

Creating a system database

You have to create and configure a system database in order to run Axon.ivy Engine in Production Mode. See Configuration to find out how you can create and configure Axon.ivy Engine system database.

Detailed Installation Information