If you upgrade to a new update release within the same Long Term Support (LTS) or Leading Edge (LE) version (e.g. 7.0.3 to 7.0.4) then follow the steps in the section Preparation and Upgrade. A project migration and system database conversion are normally not needed if not explicit communicated otherwise in the Migration Notes. Therefore, you can skip section Project Migration and steps 2 and 4 in the section Upgrade.


Upgrading from Xpert.ivy Server 3.x to Axon.ivy Engine 4.x and later is not supported.


  1. Install the new Axon.ivy Engine version to a new installation directory (See section Install Axon.ivy Engine).

  2. Read the Migration Notes document of the new version.

  3. If necessary (according to the Migration Notes), request a new licence (see section Installing a Licence).

  4. Back up the system database and the application file directories of the old installation.

  5. Copy the file serverconfig.xml plus all YAML and properties files from the configuration directory of the old installation directory to the configuration directory of the new installation.

  6. Unless a new licence is required you should also copy the old licence file to the new installation.

  7. If you have modified any other configuration files located in the configuration, elasticsearch/config, webapps/ivy/WEB-INF or webapps/ivy/META-INF directories of the old installation then apply the changes also in the corresponding files in the new installation, if required. To see what has been changed, we recommend the usage of some diff tool to compare the individual config files of old and new installation.

  8. If you have installed additional extension plugins into the dropins directory then copy them to the dropins directory of the new installation directory if they are compatible with the new Axon.ivy Engine version. For those which are not compatible try to get new compatible versions and install them.


Before upgrading of an Axon.ivy Engine read the Migration Notes document of the new version carefully. This document will tell you exactly what has changed since the last version and will list any additional steps to be undertaken, which might not be described here.

Project Migration

Project migration is only necessary if mentioned in the Migration Notes. If migration is required, all projects deployed to process model versions in state PREPARED, RELEASED, DEPRECATED and ARCHIVED must be converted. The following steps are necessary for every process model version:

  1. Import the version that is deployed on your Axon.ivy Engine from your source repository into into your Designer workspace.

  2. Migrate the project according the Migration Notes of the Designer. Usually this is achieved by invoking the project conversion action on each project (see Designer Guide for more information). Some manual adaptions may be necessary.

  3. Test the migrated project in the Designer.

All migrated projects must be redeployed to the new, upgraded Axon.ivy Engine version (see next section).


  1. Stop the Axon.ivy Engine.

  2. Either convert the system database with the Engine Cockpit. Or set autoConvert property to true in the ivy.yaml.

  3. Start the Axon.ivy Engine.

  4. Redeploy all converted/migrated Axon.ivy projects.

  5. You may now delete the old Axon.ivy Engine installation directory, unless the following warning applies to your installation:


Please note that the new, upgraded Axon.ivy Engine installation will still refer to the application file directories that were used by the old installation. As a consequence, you must never delete the directory of an old installation, if it contains application file directories (you can check the file directory of an application in the Engine Cockpit). If the application file directories of your installation are stored elsewhere, then the deletion of the old Axon.ivy Engine installation will not cause any problems.