Annotation Type BusinessCaseData

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface BusinessCaseData

    Link to Business Case

    To associate Business Data values in the repository with the current business case you have to annotate the data class with this annotation.

    The advantage is that you do not have to care about identifiers of your Business Data.

    Class definition example:

     public class CreditDossier { ... }

    Usage example:

     CreditDossier dossier = ivy.repo.get(CreditDossier.class) as CreditDossier;;
     IBusinessCase bc = ivy.repo.getInfo(dossier).getContext() as IBusinessCase;

    Case Map integration

    Within Case Map scripts the data of this Business Case can be accessed by its simple name.

    Class definition example:

     public class CreditDossier { ... }

    PreCondition example:


    See Also:
    BusinessDataRepository, BusinessDataRepository.get(Class), BusinessDataRepository.exists(Class), BusinessDataInfo.getContext()
    This is a public API.