Class BusinessDataJsonFormatMigrator<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T -

    public class BusinessDataJsonFormatMigrator<T>
    extends Object
    Migrates the legacy Business Data JSON values to the latest version. The values are migrated in the database and afterwards the search index is recreated.

    This class must be called from a process in an IIvyProject that contains the root Business Data class.
    For an example see the WorkflowDemos: BusinessData/MigrateData/migrate.ivp


     boolean isDryRun = true;
     BusinessDataJsonFormatMigrator.migrate(workflow.businessdata.Dossier.class, isDryRun);

    The migrator simply deserializes the JSON and serialize the JSON afterwards. e.g.

    • when adding a new field to your data model, this will be empty.
    • when removing a field from your data model, the field will be removed from the existing business data objects.
    • when renaming, existing field will be deleted and and a new empty field will be created.

    This is a public API.
    • Method Detail

      • migrate

        public static void migrate​(Class<?> type,
                                   boolean isDryRun)
        type - the root Business Data class that has previously been stored with the BusinessDataRepository
        isDryRun - simulates the migration if true. Otherwise it applies the real persistent migration.
        This public API is available in IvyScript and Java. It has the visibility EXPERT.