Class ProjectDeployment

  • public class ProjectDeployment
    extends Object
    Provides methods to deploy projects on a server
    This is a public API.
    • Method Detail

      • deploy

        public static void deploy​(File projectDirectory,
                                  IProcessModelVersion processModelVersion,
                                  String userName,
                                  String hostName,
                                  org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor progressMonitor,
                                  IDeploymentLogger protocolLogger)
                           throws Exception
        Deploys an ivy project from projectDirectory to the processModelVersion.
        projectDirectory - the directory to read the ivy project from
        processModelVersion - the process model version to deploy the project to (you might need to create a PMV previously e.g. using IProcessModel.createProcessModelVersion(String, String, String, int, String, String) )
        userName - name of the user who performs the deployment (used as information only)
        hostName - hostName from which the project was deployed (used as information only)
        progressMonitor - monitor to follow the progress, may be null.
        protocolLogger - logger to inform about the deployment, may be null
        Exception - if anything goes wrong during deployment
        This public API is available in IvyScript and Java. It has the visibility EXPERT.