Interface IUserAsynchronousProcessExtension

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      • performRequest

        UserAsynchronousProcessExtensionResult performRequest​(IRequestId requestId,
                                                              CompositeObject in,
                                                              IIvyScriptContext context)
                                                       throws Exception
        This method is the program performed in an asynchronous process extension element every time a token comes to the process element (request). Note that more than one thread can call this method parallel if more than one request are running through the process extension element. Therefore the bean must be aware of multithreading.
        requestId - the identifier of the request
        in - the current process data. Modify this process data in your implementation
        context - the context to use to perform the request
        the process data that are reinjected to the process. Most implementation simple return the in object
        Exception - if perform fails
        This public API is available in Java.