Class ProxyFeature

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    public class ProxyFeature
    extends Object
    implements WebServiceClientFeature
    Sends the Web Service call through a proxy server.
    The proxy server settings can be provided with the following properties:
    • '',
    • 'proxy.port'
    • 'proxy.nonProxyHosts' (optional)

    Alternatively, the following standard Java system properties can be set:

    • 'http.proxyHost',
    • 'http.proxyPort'
    • 'http.nonProxyHosts'

    These will be used whenever the web service proxy properties are not configured.

    Proxy server authentication can be configured with the following properties:

    • 'proxy.auth.scheme' (optional, default is Basic, or Digest),
    • 'proxy.auth.username'
    • 'proxy.auth.password'

    Note: This feature does not work in conjunction with feature ch.ivyteam.ivy.webservice.exec.cxf.feature.NTLMAuthenticationFeature.

    This is a public API.