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JAVA_CLASS_NAME - Static variable in class ch.ivyteam.ivy.bpm.error.BpmError.AttributeNames
Available on errors with error codes: ivy:error:program:exception ivy:error:program:timeout
JOIN_FAILED - ch.ivyteam.ivy.workflow.TaskState
A task in this state has run into an error during the joining of the task.
JOINING - ch.ivyteam.ivy.workflow.TaskState
If all input tasks of a task switch process element have been reached then the state of all input tasks are set to the TaskState.JOINING state.
jp.kyasu.awt - package jp.kyasu.awt
jp.kyasu.graphics - package jp.kyasu.graphics
jp.kyasu.graphics.html - package jp.kyasu.graphics.html
JPEG - ch.ivyteam.ivy.cm.CoType
JPEG Image type
JSON - ch.ivyteam.ivy.cm.CoType
JsonFeature - Class in ch.ivyteam.ivy.rest.client.mapper
Feature to map responses and requests JSON formatted entities to Java objects.
JSP - ch.ivyteam.ivy.cm.CoType
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