Project MigrationΒΆ

Project migration is only necessary if specifically mentioned in the Migration Notes.

If a migration is required, all deployed projects with process model versions in state PREPARED, RELEASED, DEPRECATED and ARCHIVED must be converted. Download and install the Axon.ivy Designer version matching your new Axon.ivy Engine following the installation instructions and perform the following steps for every process model version:

  1. Import the version that is deployed on your Axon.ivy Engine from your source repository into into your Axon.ivy Designer workspace.

  2. Migrate the project according the description in section Converting Projects of the Axon.ivy Designer Guide. Usually this is achieved by invoking the project conversion action on each project. Some manual adaptations may be necessary.

  3. Test the migrated project in the Axon.ivy Designer.

All migrated projects must be re-deployed to the new, upgraded Axon.ivy Engine version (see next section).