Upgrade EngineΒΆ

  1. Stop the Axon.ivy Engine.

  2. Either convert the system database with the Engine Cockpit or set the autoConvert property in the ivy.yaml to true.

  3. Start the Axon.ivy Engine.

  4. Re-deploy all converted/migrated Axon.ivy projects.

  5. If the Engine is integrated with a reverse proxy (e.g. IIS or Apache), it is best practice to check if the most recent Apache Tomcat Connector is installed. For more information refer to the Upgrade Apache Tomcat Connector page.

  6. You may now delete the old Axon.ivy Engine installation directory, unless the following warning applies to your installation:


Please note that the new, upgraded Axon.ivy Engine installation will still refer to the application file directories that were used by the old installation. As a consequence, you must never delete the directory of an old installation if it contains application file directories (you can check the file directory of an application in the Engine Cockpit). If the application file directories of your installation are stored outside the Axon.ivy Engine installation directory, the deletion of the old Axon.ivy Engine installation will not cause any problems or side effects.