Engine Service

In productive environments it is recommended to run the Axon.ivy Engine as a service.

Windows Service

The binary bin/AxonIvyEngineService.exe is the Axon.ivy Engine implementation as Windows Service. It can also be used as command line tool to register, unregister, start and stop Axon.ivy Engine as Windows Service. The command line tool must be run as administrator.

Register Axon.ivy Engine as Windows Service

AxonIvyEngineService.exe -register [windowsServiceName] [username] [password]

Unregister Axon.ivy Engine as Windows Service

AxonIvyEngineService.exe -unregister [windowsServiceName]

Start the Windows Service

AxonIvyEngineService.exe -start [windowsServiceName]

Stop the Windows Service

AxonIvyEngineService.exe -stop [windowsServiceName]
  • windowsServiceName is optional and set by default to Axon.ivy Engine.

  • username is optional and defines under which user the windows service should run.

  • password is mandatory if username is set and defines the password for the given user.


You can also use the Control Center to register, unregister, start and stop the Axon.ivy Engine Windows Service.

Linux Service

The install service program InstallService.sh helps you to install the Axon.ivy Engine as a systemd Linux daemon. To install the service:

  1. Run following command as root: [engineDir]/bin/InstallService.sh

  2. Accept the directory of your engine installation.

  3. Set the user and group under which the Engine service should run. Must not be root. Typically, a special user with limited access right is used.

  4. Start the Engine service with systemctl start AxonIvyEngine.service to check if it works.

  5. Check the current status of the service with systemctl status AxonIvyEngine.service

  6. If you want to start the Engine service on system start, execute following command: systemctl enable AxonIvyEngine.service


For more information about systemd services consult man systemd and man systemctl.