The Axon.ivy Market provides powerful extensions around the Axon.ivy Platform. From complete workflow user interfaces, components to generate documents to simple demo projects and much more. Take a look around.


The portal is a complete workflow user interface that fully exploits all the features of the Axon.ivy Platform with a web-based, modern interface the Portal provides you with key functionalities on all your devices:

  • Access your / your company’s applications and start new cases

  • Manage and fulfil tasks assigned to you or your roles

  • Understand what’s going on by using on-the-spot statistics and historic data on all your cases and tasks

  • Improve your Axon.ivy Portal experience and efficiency through the built-in customization options

Doc Factory

The Document Factory is a system that allows generating automatically documents like serial letters with the help of Microsoft Office Templates (.dot or .dotx files). The Document Factory is open, can be extended and is based on the Java Library Aspose that is included in Axon.ivy platform.


These projects impressively demonstrate the power of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. You can have insights in all features like:

  • Workflow

  • Rule Engine

  • Connectivity (REST/SOAP)

  • Html Dialog


The Axon.ivy Designer can be enriched with further functionality by installing pre-configured extensions. See the following selection of promoted extensions: