Axon Ivy Engine is using Elasticsearch for full-text searches. Elasticsearch itself is bundled with Axon Ivy Engine and will be started on demand.

digraph overview {
  engine [label="Axon Ivy\nEngine", pos="0,2.5!", height="0.8", width="1.3", color="#C7D426", fontcolor="black"];
  elasticsearch [ label="Elasticsearch", pos="6,2.5!" width="1.3" height="0.8"]
  engine -> elasticsearch [ label="HTTP\nHTTPS" ];

For system with high traffic you are able to run an external Elasticsearch server. Therefore download and install Elasticsearch according to the docs of Elasticsearch.

Now you need to tell the Axon Ivy Engine in ivy.yaml that the external Elasticsearch server must come into charge:

 1# External Elasticsearch Server
 2# [engineDir]/configuration/ivy.yaml 
 4  ExternalServer:
 5    # URL to the external elasticsearch server
 6    Url: "http://my-elasticsearch-server"
 8    # Name and Password if Elasticsearch server is protected
 9    #UserName: "admin"    
10    #Password: "1234"