Axon.ivy 7.0 - the Digital Business Platform - is out now...

Product Features

Have a look at some cool features for Axon.ivy Process Developers

Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform

What you see is what you get! AXON IVY stands by its promise of being a low code fast developing process design and execution engine.

Process Modeling

Create your business process, step by step.

Process Elements
Design the execution of the process by using a set of powerful process elements. more

BPMN Elements
Design a high level process with BPMN elements. more

Process Templates
Manage frequently used process fragments as templates and reuse them as needed. more

Process References
Process references help you analyze the dependencies between processes.

Pool and Lanes

Support of horizontal and vertical pools and lanes.

Pools and Lanes
Support of horizontal and vertical pools and lanes. more

Process Execution

See where your process is heading too.

Case and Task
An executed business process is linked to a Case. Every business step in the process is linked to a Task. more

Process Data
Design business process data with a sophisticated editor. more

Process Data Persistence I
Business process data are automatically persisted by the process engine.

Process Data Persistence II
Persist business process data into a relational database system via JPA (Java Persistence API). more

Process Debugging
Pause the execution of a processes an inspect the current state. more

Custom Process Elements
Custom process elements allow to create own process elements for specific, recurring activities. more

Endless running process
The Axon.ivy Engine detects endless running process and informs the administrator.


Finally it is here. Your One-Stop-Shop for your process work. Start new processes, work on your tasks, chat with your peers and get real time monitoring in one intuitive cockpit.


Start your ad-hoc process anytime and anywhere.


Any information is missing? Chat with your peers to get instant help.


Look what just landed in your inbox. Improved task list to make work even more efficient.


Keep an overview with real-time monitoring and immediate feedback.

User Experience

What you see is what you get! AXON IVY stands by its promise of being a low code fast developing process design and execution engine.

Inline Editing

Forget any styling problems you might have faced by now. Inline editing allows you to style your text even smarter.

Responsive, mobile first
Create responsive, mobile first user interfaces with Bootstrap or Primefaces.

Reusable Components
A User Dialog is designed to be reused as a component. more

A User Dialog follows the MVC concept, which keeps your application extendable and maintainable. more

Drag and Drop

Choose any widget in the palette and use easy drag and drop functionality to create your stylish form in no time.

User Dialog Wizard

Create and execute a form based on a data class in seconds!


Get your task list directly on your mobile device app. Fully featured and easy to use. Runs on your smartphone and tablet.

Work Offline

No internet connection available? No problem, keep working offline and synchronize later.

Attach Documents

Upload an instant picture to your tasks and add PDFs with just One-Single-Click.

Use Geolocation

Make work even easier using geolocation features of your device.

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3rd Party Integration

The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform integrates well with countless different 3rd party systems.

Web Services

Integration of a Web Service in less than one minute.

Easily consume REST services.

Connect SAP services without one line of code.

Connect to Mule services without one line of code.

Connect to SAP services via e2e without one line of code and an sophisticated user interface.


Full support of the Java language with all its power.

Process Elements supporting Java
In addition to calling native Java code, several process elements support Java. more


Integrate with lots of other systems.

Send emails with attachments without one line of code. more

Integration of relational database systems without one line of SQL. more

Manage business rules in Drools and directly in the designer.

Birt Reporting
Create a Birt report.


Easily manage and monitor your Axon.ivy Engine

Visual VM Plugin

Monitor Axon.ivy Engine processes at runtime.

Process Performance

Detect long running and performance intensive process elements and processes.


Integrate with an Active Directory and Login via SSO

Clustering boosts performance and increases fault tolerance. more

Microsoft IIS Integration
Run the Axon.ivy Engine behind an Microsoft IIS Webserver. more

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Axon.ivy Engine supports single sign-on provided by Microsoft IIS. more

Apache Integration
Run the Axon.ivy Engine behind an Apache Webserver. more

One Engine, several Applications
One Axon.ivy Engine can manage multiple independent applications with different security systems. more

Version Management
Every project deployed to an Axon.ivy Engine is managed in a separate version. A rollback to an older version is just one click away. more


AXON IVY is best to automate well-structured processes. But only 20% of the processes are suited for such an automation approach. The brand new case management capabilities overcome the shortcomings of today’s BPM methodologies and allows to model ad hoc and unstructured processes.

Does your process model looks like a full plate of delicious Italian spaghetti? Then your process might not suite for a structured automated workflow following a happy path!

There is no need to be worried about that anymore! With the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform you can integrate your unstructured processes in an easy way. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the right answer for you.

Start any case and add simultaneously new roles and tasks while doing your process work. The brand new engine is able to execute ad hoc processes and to add any additional task with 1-click only.

AXON IVY offers different predefined patterns to start your unstructured processes right away.

Wouldn’t it be easy and simple to start an ad hoc process at any time and from anywhere? End-users can now benefit from a self-service ad hoc portal that can be run either from the AXON IVY Portal or directly.

The self-service portal is the perfect start into a cloud-based process management approach. You can deploy and install the self-service portal in no time and grant access to your staff.

Watch the following video and see this new feature “in action”!


There is not enough space to list every feature of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. AXON IVY’s promise is to make your work even more efficient and to delight your process management initiative with a great performance, outstanding usability and a maximized agility!


A process can now be started directly on the Request Start element.


This element calls a User Dialog in a new task. Thus it combines a Task Switch Event and an Html Dialog.


The copy command now copies the complete process or the current selection as image to the clipboard.


Use the new Jump to Data Class to navigate from a process to the associated data class editor.


Dependencies of Projects in the Designer workspace can now be visualized with graphs.


The new version includes fixes, improvements and components like diagrams and steps.


There is a new API available that allows you to manage documents and to attach them to workflows.


The User Task element can now call Offline Dialogs - and you process tasks offline via mobile devices.