Here you will find solutions to some of the most common problems related to Axon Ivy Portal.

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IE Security Problem

If you start Portal in Internet Explorer installed on Windows Server then Portal application may not work correctly. The reason could be Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled by default which means ActiveX Controls and scripting are disabled, so Internet sites may not display in Internet Explorer as you expect.

To fix this, you may turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration if you are running in Windows Server. Another way is adding that site to the Trusted sites zone in Internet Explorer.

Portal install with IIS

It could be a problem when install Portal with IIS with proxy, depends on your environment. Consider to configure if your IIS is called via proxy. Add -Dhttp.proxyHost to VM argument could help.

Update default pages

If you copy PortalStart.mod to your project for customization, you need to follow this chapter to customize standard processes in your designer and engine: Standard Processes

For example, below is the default setting:

  DefaultPages: ch.ivyteam.ivy.project.portal:portalTemplate

And your Portal project has different package and name, such as: com.example:customizedPortal. Then you can change the configuration as below:

  DefaultPages: com.example:customizedPortal