Admin Settings

Only users have role AXONIVY_PORTAL_ADMIN could access Admin settings user menu item. They could update Portal settings, show/hide announcement.

Select Admin settings user menu item.


HowTo: Add third party application

  1. Select Applications tab.


  2. Click on New to add new third party applications, then dialog Add new third party application is displayed.


  3. To change menu icon, click on Change.

  4. Enter Display name, to specify different display name for different language, click on Add languages.

  5. Enter Link, e.g.

  6. Click on Ok.

HowTo: Update Portal settings

  1. Select Settings tab. All available settings with their default value and description are listed in this place.


  2. To update Portal settings, click on edit-icon button.


  3. To reset to default value of each setting, click on undo-icon button.

  4. To reset to default value of all settings, click on Restore all to defaults.


Portal settings could be configured in Axon Ivy Cockpit .

HowTo: Show/Hide announcement

  1. Select Announcements tab.


  2. Input announcement.

  3. To show announcement, click on Enable.

  4. To hide announcement when announcement is showing, click on Disable.