If you encounter any problems, check the following sources:

Axon Ivy Community

The Axon Ivy Community (or the old Axon Ivy Q&A) contains a considerable amount of knowledge and tips related to Axon Ivy Designer and Engine.

Stack Overflow

Problems related to common technologies like Java, JSF, Primefaces are usually already answered on the web, e.g. on Stack Overflow.


You can get support via (support may be subject to charging, depending on your license agreement).

Error Dialogs

Error Id

Error Dialogs shown to the user contain a unique error id. This error id can be used to search the log files for more information about this error.

Error Report

On Error Dialogs it is possible to generate an Error Report. This report contains information about the error, the designer machine and the current state of the Axon Ivy Designer.


If you need to contact the support because of an error, please generate an Error Report for it. Most of the time it contains the necessary information, to find and solve the problem.

On the HTML error page use the Open Error Report button at the end of the error page to open the Error Report. Use CTRL-A and CTRL-C to copy the Error Report to the clipboard.

The Event Details View of the Runtime Log View provides a button to generate and save an error report for a given log entry.

Moreover, you can also use the menu Axon Ivy > Debug > Save Debug Report to generate and save such a report without an error.

Memory Problems

OutOfMemoryException: Java Heap Space

If this error occurs, then the Designer requests more memory than it is allowed to use. This can happen when a lot of data is used during the process simulations. Ensure, that your computer has enough memory. Then you can increase the maximal memory consumption of the Axon Ivy Designer. Just open the AxonIvyDesigner.ini and change the value in the line after -Xmx to a higher one.