Migration Wizard

The Migration Wizard helps you to migrate crucial configurations from an old Axon Ivy Engine to your new Axon Ivy Engine environment.

The Wizard is expected to be run from a downloaded and untouched Axon Ivy Engine. Please consult the Migration chapter for detailed instructions when to use the wizard on your operating system.


  1. Start a new, untouched Axon Ivy Engine.

  2. Browse to the URI where the engine runs: e.g. http://localhost:8080 .

  3. Choose Setup Wizard -> Migrate Engine in your Browser.


  1. Provide the old Axon Ivy Engine installation directory to the Migration Wizard.

  2. Run the MigrationTasks.

  3. The wizard will select the best migration scenario for you, and then ask for your consent.

  4. Wait until the Migration Wizard has completed.

  5. Restart the Axon Ivy Engine.