Content resolution

As soon as a content object is loaded, the content object will be resolved as follows:

  1. Application CMS ([engineDir]/data/app/cms)

  2. Current project

  3. Dependent projects

Once the content object is found, the concrete content object value must be evaluated. For this purpose, the locale must be defined first:

  1. Locale from session

  2. Locale from user

  3. Locale from browser

  4. Locale from security system configuration Language.Content in ivy.yaml

If you have enabled the simulation then the locale will be applied to all sessions.

Once the locale has been evaluated, the content object value is loaded as follows:

  1. Same locale of current locale (language and region)

  2. Same language of current locale (only language)

  3. Same locale of security system locale (language and region)

  4. Same language of security system locale (only language)

  5. Value with no locale

  6. First value