System Database

After initial installation, the Axon Ivy Engine runs in demo mode. This implies that workflow data is kept in memory and not persisted (stored).

To run a productive engine, an external system database has to be connected, where data will be stored.

To define the database of the Axon Ivy Engine, the SystemDb entries have to be set.

1# sample ivy.yaml that configures a MySQL database as data store
3  Url: jdbc:mysql://myOtherMysql:3306/AxonIvySystemDatabase
4  UserName: theUser
5  Password: myPassword

The following database management systems are supported, choose one:

Use the Setup Wizard or the EngineConfigCli to create the system database. To run the Axon Ivy Engine with a system database, a license is required.

Advanced Configuration

  • User passwords are stored in encrypted form (hash) in the system database.

  • In some cases, you may want to perform case-insensitive searches for tasks or cases, for example. For this purpose, the system database has to be configured accordingly.

  • All tables and columns of the system database are described in the schema reference.