Workflow Users

Workflow Users are managed in so-called security systems that you can define in ivy.yaml. The default security system is pre-configured on every Axon Ivy Engine. For each security system you can define an Identity Provider. We distinguish between the following Identity Providers:

  • Internal Identity Provider: Used to manage its workflow users directly on the Axon Ivy Engine. Only the Ivy Security System is an internal Identity Provider which has no further settings and is configured by default. No futher configurations are need if you want to go with this.

  • External Identity Provider: Used to synchronize users from an external Identity Provider such as Active Directory. In addition to the users from the Identity Provider, users can also be added and managed manually like in the Ivy Security System.

    We support the following Identity Providers by default:

Read more about the lifecycle of an application if you are interested how applications and security system works together. Having multiple security systems on the same engine is only a use case for Multi-Tenancy.