Release notes

Project description

Portal connector provide web service to retrieve data for Portal. Portal connector works with ivy engine from 6.0 Säntis. E.g. 6.2.

In this release, IsAlive web service is deprecated and replaced by ApplicationService.


All Portal connector web services are secured now with authentication.

Portal connector provide service to get data about:

  • Absence

  • Application

  • Case

  • Process start

  • Security

  • Supported language

  • Task

  • User setting

  • Web start (Process start and case map)


Changes in 7.2

  • Introduced the LibraryService WS to get the project version

Changes in 7.0

  • Param: JsonQuery is added to CaseService for CaseQuery customization

Changes in 6.6

  • Param: JsonQuery is added to TaskService for TaskQuery customization

Changes in 6.5

  • URL detection on single server: use request URL to generate links for processes, tasks