Generate database schema from persistence unit

Generation options (Step 1)

On the first wizard page you can specify the environment and the type of the schema generation.

Database schema generation option

Database schema generation option

Data source

For the schema generation the data source of the persistence unit is used.


Specify the environment on which you like to generate the database schema.


Specify the type of the schema generation. You can choose between update and create.

  • update: Does update the current available schema on the database.


    The update does not refactor any changed table names, field names or field types. If a table or field does not exist in the database a new one is created even if the same table or field with another name exists.

  • create: Does drop the current schema on the database and create a new one.


    This option does delete all data which is stored in the database.

Generation preview (Step 2)

The second wizard page shows a preview what will be executed on the database.

Database schema generation preview

Database schema generation preview


Axon.ivy Project Tree > double click on the Persistence label > Select a persistence unit > Generate Schema.