Process Elements Reference

This chapter provides detailed explanations for the usage and configuration of all process elements, for both business processes and user dialog logic.

Axon Ivy provides a lot of useful process elements that can be used to define processes. These elements reside in the palette on the right edge of the Process editor. You can drag and drop the elements on the editor to use them in a specific process flow. You then can connect two elements by clicking on the source element, let the moused button pressed down, move the mouse cursor to the target element and finally release the mouse button. Reconnecting or removal is only possible by using the corresponding entries in the popup menu.

Every process element can be configured with its inscription mask. Open this mask by double-clicking on the element, use the popup-menu or press the i-key whenever the element is selected. The inscription mask is divided into multiple tabs and the order of the tabs indicates the sequence of processing. For example in the figure below, the Output mapping (the second tab in the middle) is performed before the code in the third tab is executed.

An exemplary inscription mask

An exemplary inscription mask

The icons on the tab indicate their state:

  • image0 the tab is empty

  • image1 the tab has been changed by the user (default assignments are not considered as user entries)

  • image2 the tab contains errors

Common Tabs

Start Events

Intermediate Events

End Events

Boundary Events


Workflow Activities

Interface Activities

BPMN Activities