Engine Modes

The Axon Ivy Engine runs in different modes. If you have configured your Axon Ivy Engine correctly it runs in Production Mode. This is the standard mode. The Demo Mode and the Maintenance Mode are special modes in which your Axon Ivy Engine only runs if you have not yet configured it or there are problems with your configuration.

Production Mode

This is the standard mode. Ensure you run your Axon Ivy Engine in this mode. The production mode is active if a valid license is installed and a system database is configured and available in the correct version.

Demo Mode

Axon Ivy Engine offers a demo mode for demonstration purposes. The demo mode allows you to install and start the Axon Ivy Engine without configuration and without a productive license. You can play with the Axon Ivy Engine. Try out the Portal and Cockpit, deploy projects, etc. The username of the administrator in demo mode is admin and password admin.


The Axon Ivy Engine uses an in-memory database as system database in demo mode. This means that all your data, all cases that are created by any sessions in demo mode are lost when you shut down the Axon Ivy Engine.

Maintenance Mode

In the maintenance mode you can use the Engine Cockpit to fix license or system database configuration problems.


In maintenance mode all functions of the Axon Ivy Engine except the Engine Cockpit are disabled!

The Axon Ivy Engine starts automatically in maintenance mode if there is a problem with the license or the system database. You can disable the automatic switch to maintenance mode in the ivy.yaml file:

Boot.MaintenanceMode: DISABLED

If mainteance mode is disabled and there is a license or system database problem the Axon Ivy Engine will fail to start and will report an error. You can then start the Axon Ivy Engine explicitly in maintenance mode by using the command line option -maintenance.