The view Variables displays all variables that are defined for each application. The variables can be configured in the project or set in the app.yaml file. You can switch the environment in the drop-down box at the top.

You can edit an existing variable by clicking the Pencil button. Any changes will be written directly to the app.yaml file. You can reset a variable to its default value by clicking the Reset button.


Business Calendar

The Business Calendar view shows all configured business calendars for each application. Business calendars are displayed in hierarchical order and can be created in the app.yaml.


By clicking on one of the calendars you get redirected to the calendar’s detail view. The configurations are grouped by Week configuration and Free Days. Free days can contain fixed dates, dates repeating every year and days relative to Easter.



The Branding view gives you an overview of your Branding resources in your different applications with the possibility to upload new images or reset them to the default.


There is also an edit support for your custom.css and an overview of all colors with the possibility to easily change a specific color.

If you define your own color, consider to use HSL Colors for the ivy-primary-*-color colors. This is neseccary, because some of them (at least ivy-primary-color and ivy-primary-light-color) are spliced to create new color accents. There are many online color converter to get a HSL Color.


Please note that the color editor will write into the custom.css file inside your Configuration directory. Depending on the content of this file, the new color value may show a strange behavior. So maybe you should quickly check the the result in the custom.css editor.