The Administrators page allows you to manage users with administrator privileges. Any changes are stored to the ivy.yaml file.

You need to specify an email address for administrators. The Axon Ivy Engine send notifications of critical events to the administrators, e.g. license violations.


Changes to administrators will only take effect after you restart the engine.


System Database

In the System Database page you to manage the system database configuration. Any changes are stored in the ivy.yaml file.

Please refer to the Setup Wizard documentation on how to configure your engine’s system database.


Before you save your configurations, be sure you can connect to the database. Otherwise you may have problems when restarting the engine.


Changes to system database will only take effect after you restarting the engine.



In the License view you can upload or renew a license. If you have a valid license you see a table with all information about it. On the right side you have a life overview of your active sessions with the ability to kill sessions.


Web Server

In the Web Server view, you can quickly change your Tomcat Connectors or reverse proxy server settings. There is also a data panel which shows you all the headers of the current request and how the engine generates some URLs.

You may also get some messages here. These appear if the URL of your browser and the external base URL or the configured base URL do not match. If this is the case please refer to how to properly set up a reverse proxy.


System Configuration

The System Configuration page displays an overview of all your engine configuration settings. Configurations in grey represent default values. If you want to edit an existing configuration, click on the Pencil button. Clicking More allows you to reset a configuration setting or view the complete configuration file.


Application configurations are not shown in this view. You can see application configuration settings on page Application Detail.


For more information about the configuration, please refer to the Configuration section.



If your engine runs with a Editions license, your are able to define a Cluster. The engine cockpit will provide a Cluster navigation menu item. It shows you an overview page of your running nodes and a detail view dialog if you click on one of these node.