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QualifiedVersion - Class in ch.ivyteam.ivy.application.value
Represents a full qualified version (e.g.
QualifiedVersion(String) - Constructor for class ch.ivyteam.ivy.application.value.QualifiedVersion
Creates a QualifiedVersion out of a raw version e.g.
query() - Method in interface ch.ivyteam.ivy.security.user.IUserRepository
Creates a new user query for this security context
query(String) - Method in interface ch.ivyteam.ivy.business.data.store.search.ScoredTextFieldOperation
Allows to build Google like searches.
Query<V> - Class in ch.ivyteam.ivy.persistence.query
Base class for all business objects queries.
Query<T> - Interface in ch.ivyteam.ivy.business.data.store.search
Search for business data values using different filters for text, number and date fields.
queryExecutor() - Method in interface ch.ivyteam.ivy.security.user.IUserRepository
Executor for user queries on this security context.
QUICKTIME - ch.ivyteam.ivy.cm.CoType
Apple Quicktime video type
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